Replace Your Smoke Alarm

These alarms are not partially tested which is the only condition they should be tested under. They are fully tested which is false testing. The full testing is power failure which never occurs in a smoldering smoke induced condition. They should be tested under the actual conditions which is a non-power failure. They don’t work. They take more than half an hour to notice the smoke because it takes that long for the AC voltage source to ionize the smoke particles. Ever see a negative ion generator powered by AC. No; it’s always converted to DC first.

There's another very good reason why we should replace our smoke alarms with exclusive use of photo-electric type sensors. A very strong psychological reason in that a very small segment of the population are the victims of: psychosis induced by wave forms hidden within our electric power grid carried by the harmless radioactive waves emanating from out of our ionization type smoke detectors and adversely affecting our hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands.

The ionization type of smoke alarm is mandated by insurance companies on behalf of the apartment buildings they insure as a money-making gimick tied up in the commercial bonding of human suffering and property loss. So, although the insurance companies are insuring us against loss of life and property, they have a far more lucrative business bonding (ie. betting and gambling) for our losses and demanding that we lose to insure their profitable gain at our expense.

There is a gene among a few of us, or else this is a congenital defect (whichever is the case – although I suspect the Slavic heritage contains this rare condition among a few of their population), in which one ventricle (cavity) on one side of our brain (at its center) is slightly enlarged (more cavernous; more void; more lacking in brain tissue). This abnormality is both a gift and a burden, for it sensitizes the person to wave forms which the remainder of the population is oblivious to. This sensitivity makes it possible for this type of person to discover hidden objects, bodies of water (acting much like a dowser operates when looking for underground mineral deposits and underground springs to drill for well water, etc). This "gift" also affords this type of person the uncanny ability for finding their way out of what otherwise would have been a condition of being "lost in the wilderness" (if they should be thrown out of our civilized way of life) if it were not for this talent. This gift only functions if this person puts his or her attention on the object of inquiry.

Ethan Hawke has this gift. And so did my father. For both have the habit of distracting themselves with a similar predilection of chasing after women to excite their senses and, thus, avoid attending to this gift, for nobody wants to be the "butt" of everyone's jokes: "Oh, look at that weirdo; here he/she comes again"!

But, there are other methods of shouting out-loud one's proficiency in this artistry: nudity, loud speech, etc. Yet, this is a silent power of speech – located in the throat chakra – which makes possible "effective dreaming", namely: the materialization of desire. Only a few people retain this gift. Most lost it during the days of Atlantis through the abuse of truth. Even a little lie, especially if practised frequently enough, is a dangerous thing, but not to those who have already lost this gift. For they won't notice the difference thinking to themselves: "How bad can it be?" and "Everyone does it" and "You have to lie a little to survive in today's world".

Yet, this gift makes it difficult to function in the "real world" since the latter is an artificial condition of manmade origin having very little in common with nature or natural urges and conditions.

There is an artificial condition induced within our electric utility grid which John Cunningham Lilly discovered back in the 1970s when he and a friend were studying two different, but related, incidents.

John was studying dolphins and consciousness. His friend was studying the wave forms embedded within our utility grid. With their combined discoveries, they concluded that our power grid carries at least one wave form riding piggy-back upon the 60 cycles per second carrier wave (used in North America). This wave form induces a breakdown of our normal, spontaneous defensive mechanism inside our brain which prevents us from becoming brainwashed.

Yet, I suspect there is another brain wave (which I have the direct experience of witnessing the police of Los Angeles use on me broadcast from a parabolic dish beneath their helicopters) which induces panic.

There is a state of California legislation which permits the police to shoot you if you turn away from them and run. I believe it is this purpose behind the use of this other wave form which affects some people more than it affects most people under normal, stress-free conditions in addition to the presence of the other wave form discovered by John Lilly and his friend for making people more susceptible to, and less defensive against, this "panic wave".

Here is the user's manual for the smoke alarm which I purchased at HomeDepot and a picture of it to replace the ionization type supplied by default by the apartment complex in which I live...

Remove the base plate of the previous alarm since (in all likelihood) it won't fit to the new alarm. Don't forget to first cut the electrical power to the branch circuit which supplies juice to the alarm before fiddling with the house wires which will feed it!

If you want to test out my opinion without making any permanent changes to your living situation (nor forking over any cash!), then why don't you try shutting off the power at your meter box? Just shut off the one branch circuit leading to the AC wiring – which your ionization style smoke detector is connected to – for a few days and see if you benefit at all.

The reason why the networking of ionization and combination style detectors is so popular is on account of how long it takes for them to activate. The person who lives at the center of the smoldering fire will probably die by the time his smoke detector alerts him, but will also alert all the other detectors in the surrounding area so that his apartment neighbors can save their lives!

Although the video, below, mentions the harm which the A/C wave form of 60 cycles per second can have on the physiology when transmitted via radioactivity, it should be noted that this video was made immediately prior to my recalling about the other wave form discovered by John C. Lilly and his friend and the other wave form which I am speculating exists to work in conjunction with the Lilly wave.

See this video on Vimeo or download it from here.

See this video on Vimeo or download it from here.

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